Life is Expensive!

Forget the luxury items, everyday living is expensive, and it shouldn’t be. No one should have to choose between turning the heating up or putting food on the table.

So we have come up with a way to help your money go further. Thanks to generous donations and the support from businesses in our community, we have opened our first social supermarket in our Telford store.

Its a place where surplus food is available to everyone. A place where you can save money on buying those every day items and where you won’t be judged.
Having supported local food banks over the last few years we know that unfortunately, whilst offering an invaluable service, people still make assumptions and judgements about people who use them. This prejudice must stop, and we want to  help people to help themselves before they ever need to use a food bank.

Buying from our social supermarket — which is open to everyone — you are helping to raise money for other projects that do vital work in the community.