February & March Charitable Outcomes

As supporters of the work we do here at Shropshire Community and the Telford Community Store, we feel it’s important to keep you updated on how the hard-earned money you spend with us gets put to good use.

February and March have been a busy (and cold!) few months, but the snow and cold winds don’t seem to have stopped our customers from paying us a visit. If you’ve braved the weather to buy something from us during the last eight weeks, we salute you!

As the Telford store continues to go from strength-to-strength, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank each and every person who has purchased from us, donated to us, shared something about us on social media, or supported us in any way.

Here’s how we have put this support to good use during February and March.

Social Supermarket: we continue to support the community with low-cost food and living essentials from our social supermarket. Our 50p Friday event on February 8th was a sell-out success, with hundreds of items sold from leftover Christmas stock that was kindly donated by a West Midlands-based distribution hub.

Our Facebook post for this event organically reached more than 52,000 people. Thank you to everyone who liked, shared and commented. You are helping to spread the love across Shropshire and ensure that we can continue operating a social supermarket in the Telford & Wrekin area.

A few things to clarify about the social supermarket:

  • Absolutely anybody is welcome to purchase from us. We do not require proof of benefits and nor do we turn away anyone that is not in receipt of benefits. Many people ask us why we do this. The answer is simple: we do not believe in barriers, we believe in supporting an inclusive community. A place where no judgement is made and a place where anyone can feel comfortable in popping in to shop with us.
  • Much of the food we stock is in-date and, more often than not, is long-dated. Meaning that you should have quite a while after you purchase food from us before you need to use it. However, we do sell short-dated stock, and we do sell stock that is past it’s best before date. The past-dated stock is always clearly marked, much cheaper, and is always edible.
  • All of our social supermarket stock is donated. This is why we can sell it at the prices we do, with 100% of surplus profits circulating back into our other community projects.

ReAssure: our friends at ReAssure in Telford are refurbishing their offices. They have kindly donated their old office furniture to us and we have redistributed it back into the community. The office furniture has supported West Mercia Search & Rescue to create some great new storage space. Maninplace have also been able to furnish the new Kip offices in Wellington town centre.

TalkTLC: The TalkTLC loneliness campaign officially launched on February 14th, with our very own Matt Weaver making a guest appearance on Jim Hawkin’s Shropshire Radio breakfast show. Although still very much in its infancy with people still learning about the project, we have had some very encouraging feedback from Telford & Wrekin Council and other local communities.

We are particularly grateful for the help of Lucy Allan and her PA, Tracey Humphreys. Lucy & Tracey have distributed TalkTLC posters to all doctors and dentists surgeries, as well as opticians in the Telford constituency. So, keep an eye out for this (no pun intended!)

Maninplace fire: On February 10th, a fire gutted the resident’s kitchen at a Maninplace building in Wellington. Following a social media plea, we were able to facilitate local support to help Maninplace get back up and running very quickly. It is estimated by Maninplace that Shropshire Community Project saved the charity approximately £9000 that they would have otherwise had to spend with tradespeople and cleaning crews.

The Community People: We continue to support people across the community with our online career programme. If you’d like to access the programme, please get in touch.

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