Could You be More Energy Efficient? Could You Generate Your Own Energy?

There are a wide range of measures organisations can take to ensure they are using energy as efficiently as possible along with a significant number of options available for self generated energy.

The relative merits of each technology will differ from organisation to organisation and will depend on many factors including but not limited to; the amount of energy used on site, how and when energy is used, availability of space on site, geographical location of site, type of building structure and many more, too many more in fact to list here.

The only real way to determine what will work for your organisation is for this to form part of your overall energy management strategy and for a thorough site visit and analysis to be undertaken.

We are always happy to undertake detailed energy audits for our clients and do so at no cost to the client and with no-obligation to accept any recommendations we make.

Through our Partnerships, we have access to the very best technology available covering items such as: LED lighting, Biomass Boilers, Solar PV, Voltage Optimisation and Heat Pumps.

As well as being able to reduce your grid consumption, there are of course the additional benefits of government incentives such as Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments and Feed in Tariff (FIT) payments.  Could it be possible to turn some of your cost centres into profit centres?  Get in touch with us and let us find out for you.

We appreciate that the thought of considerable capex may be daunting to some so we will work with you to design the best strategy for you.  We are constantly sourcing access to new Funding and Grants as well as having access to highly competitive finance options with rates as low as 2%.