The Social Volunteer Network is made up of skilled people within the community who freely give up their valuable time to use their abilities for the benefit of local charities, people in crisis, and community groups.

To apply to join the Social Volunteer Network click here to complete and application form.

If you are a charity, social enterprise, not-for-profit organisation or community group and would like to tap into the skills and knowledge of our Social Volunteer Network, please get in touch with us.

Matt Weaver
Managing Director
Matt is the founder and main director of Shropshire Community Project, Chair of the Wellington branch of the YMCA and trained search manager for West Mercia Search & Rescue. Superpower: Inspiring others to do more for their community.
Libby Calaby
Project Director
Libby is the project director for Shropshire Community Project with a background in marketing, ecommerce and personal branding. Superpower: Helping others to gain a foothold in a confusing digital world.