The Community People Interactive Career Tool

The Community People is a not-for-profit project that supports people to self-learn critical employability skills and cover every aspect of the job search process – from crucial essentials through to getting promoted, navigating challenges at work, and developing a toolset for future success in the job market.

Our project aims to equip every single user – no matter what their level of experience – with the skills and knowledge to compete for the jobs they really want in an increasingly complex digital world.

Our Online Project Offers

  •  361 unique eLearning assets on employability
  •  101 employer advice videos
  •  30 career learning paths
  •  700 career eLearning resources
  •  100 business skills courses
  •  98 IT skills courses
  •  Mock interview simulator
  •  CV and cover letter builder
  •  A safe place to practice skills
  •  A personalised learning environment
  •  Unrestricted access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week